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In feasts Novosibirsk exempts do not remain without medicines

New Year`s feasts will not prevent exempts to buy those medicines which are necessary for them. Area Ministry of Health has taken care of that in drugstores and in warehouses of medicines was much.

- For today in warehouses and in a chemist`s network there is a stock of medicines for preferential maintenance for the sum over 82 million roubles, - has assured Love Rudensky, the chief of department of the organisation of medicinal maintenance. - besides since this week deliveries in region of medicines for 91 million rbl. - for holiday under preferential recipes last days December and January have begun.    

If the Siberian having the right to privileges, has refused from sots. A package for 2011, under the written out recipes it should be provided by necessary preparations in time on December, 31st, 2010 inclusive. All who have saved the right on sots. Package, can and to be converted in January of next year into drugstores with recipes which are written out in December, 2010. To renew these recipes on new it is not required.    

Also remember that the information on an operation mode of polyclinics and points of holiday of preferential medicines should be placed in registry of each medical institution.