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Pyrotechnics in Vologda sell, breaking requirements of fire security

Within December in Vologda checked places of realisation of pyrotechnic products.

During this check the city Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed rough infringements of requirements of fire security and infringement of protection of the rights of consumers.

Among the most popular infringements - wrong storage of pyrotechnics near to heating devices or in unstated the law a place and a shop arrangement near to evacuation an exit.

Besides, and fireworks in Vologda sell petards incorrectly: pyrotechnic products should lie on a show-window behind glass, instead of on an open counter with an easy approach.

As have told to the correspondent « » in Office of Public Prosecutor of a city of Vologda, on all guilty have opened case about administrative offences under article « Infringement of requirements of the fire security established by standards, norms and rules ».

it is important!

Buying fireworks, consult with the seller on all interesting questions, and make sure that the seller has the documents confirming quality and an origin of pyrotechnic products.