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In new year Kyrgyzstan will pay to Uzbekistan $255 for 1 thousand cubic metre of natural gas

About it informs news agency « 24. kg » referring to the sources in the Department of Energy of Kyrgyzstan. According to some information, Uzbekistan has defined the price for deliveries of natural gas for Kyrgyzstan for 2011 at a rate of $255 for 1 thousand cubic metre. On the eve of working visit a management « Kyrgyzgaza » declared that will ask Tashkent to release fuel at the price of $140 for one thousand cubic metre of gas. However negotiations of a management of Open Society « Kyrgyzgaz » with a management « UzTransGaz » and « UzNefteGaz » have been blocked by the Uzbek party.

- Head « Kyrgyzgaza » Turgunbek Kalmurzaev is accepted only at level of the chief of department of the Ministry of Economics of Uzbekistan, – writes news agency, reminding that the republic has not paid off on debts for deliveries « blue fuel » in 2010. The debts sum makes $3 million. However authorities of the country and a management « Kyrgyzgaza » deny this information of the Uzbek partners, insisting that debts are not present.

Official Tashkent offers Kyrgyzstan only 200 million cubic metre of natural gas for 2011 and at the price of $255 for 1 thousand cubes. It is not enough this volume to provide local population and the enterprises « blue fuel ». Does not please and the price established by the Uzbek party. In leaving year 1 thousand cubic metre of gas « UzTransGaz » released to Kyrgyzstan at the price of $240.