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Broken AN - 22 lies directly on border of the Tula and Oryol areas

on December, 28th late at night in Chernsky area plane AN - 22 has fallen.

to the correspondent « » it was possible to learn that in 20. 53 plane has taken off from the airport in Voronezh. In 21. 23 around village Solovevka of Chernsky area communication with crew has interrupted.

In 4 mornings on December, 29th In Lipetsk a local forest area, approximately in 2 kilometres to severo - to the West from village red October, have found a plane fragment.

AN - 22 lies in a ravine directly on border between the Tula and Oryol areas.

On a wreck place the funnel, diameter about 50 metres and depth nearby 4 - 5 metres was formed the impressive sizes.

It was found out that AN - 22 flied from Voronezh to Tver, its board number was RA - 09343. At first there was a version that the plane as cargo carried the SOU - 24 of Voronezh, but was found out that it not so.

To our colleagues from « - Voronezh » it was possible to learn that AN - 22 delivered to Voronezh a training model of a fighter the INSTANT - 31. It intended for training of cadets Voronezh military - engineering university.
the military Office of Public Prosecutor has already filed criminal charges upon plane wreck.

- it is a lot of Versions of state of emergency, - the Tula inspectors speak. – will be checked all from them. The icing version is not excluded also.