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Poland wants to cancel visas to inhabitants of Kaliningrad

the Authoritative British edition of The Daily Telegraph one of these days has remembered existence of the Kaliningrad region and has lifted a visa-free regime subject between our region and the European Union countries. According to the newspaper, the authorities of Poland urge Bruxelles to enter a visa-free regime for inhabitants of Kaliningrad, despite fears about increase in streams of contraband and illegal migrants. In particular, Warsaw wants to sign the bilateral contract with Moscow according to which inhabitants of Kaliningrad can cross border with Poland without visas.

This plan has been accepted by Moscow with enthusiasm, the British newspaper marks. The authorities of Russia hope thus to inhale in region new life and to transform it into the Russian version of Hong Kong.

However in a management of the European Union introduction of a visa-free regime with Kaliningrad does not call such optimism. Europeans are afraid that softer mode will increase a stream of contraband, migrants and members of criminal community in EU.

Thus, for cancellation of visas Poland at first should convince EU to make the amendment to the agreement on borders. According to it, the EU countries can enter a visa-free regime allowing inhabitants of both states, 50 km living in limits from border, to cross it without visas. The authorities of Poland have gone further – they insist on cancellation of visas to all inhabitants of Kaliningrad. According to plans of the Polish government, to inhabitants of region will enough show the document confirming the fact of their residing in a city. This order there and then in bayonets was met by sceptics who assert that it will open doors to Europe and to those people who can get necessary documents.

However the director of east department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland Yaroslav Bratkievich believes that Poland is quite capable not to admit penetration into EU of undesirable citizens of Russia. Besides, he has informed that the similar contract with Ukraine has not led to increase in a stream of contraband and migrants to the EU countries.

It is necessary to tell that unlike Ukraine the situation with the Kaliningrad region is much easier. From - for numerous borders to our region very uneasy to get both contraband, and illegal migrants. Differently, streams to check easier. It should calm Europeans.