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Papers were gone in electoral committee?

- lists of citizens on reception otkrepitelnyh certificates have appeared are filled by one handwriting, - active workers of one of political parties inform.

There is to all fault a rain.

- the lists Filled duly have got wet. They should be altered to workers of electoral committee, - have informed in the commission.

Then lists, as well as otkrepitelnye certificates, were completely lost.

the City electoral committee of Petersburg denies the information on loss otkrepitelnyh certificates.

- Messages on any misunderstanding connected with certificates, in the commission did not arrive, - have told in municipal electoral committee.

Otkrepitelnoe the certificate - the white paper which is given out to the voter by corresponding local election committee which will not have possibility to arrive on that polling district where it it is included in the list of voters (not earlier, than 15 days prior to voting and not later, than in day of voting). On the basis otkrepitelnogo certificates the person has the right to vote on any polling district within the corresponding selective.