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SK Russia Kraverov on the international wanted list

asks to put the Main investigatory management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation has taken out the decision on which spouses Kravery are involved as accused of murder of Russian Vani Skorobogatov.

« On the versions of the investigation of the spouse which have adopted the citizen of Russia of Vanju Skorobogatov, have made its murder. Corresponding documents are directed to National central bureau of the Interpol at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, accused are put on the international wanted list on all member countries of the Interpol for the purpose of an establishment of their location, the subsequent detention and delivery to the Russian consequence » – it is told in the message on site SK.

we Will remind, 7 - summer Vanja Skorobogatov (Nataniel Kraver) has died on August, 24th, 2009 from cranial - a brain trauma. The Office of Public Prosecutor asserted that the poor thing has undergone to infernal tortures: on a body of the boy was about 80 wounds. Lawyers of a couple of fanatics in turn, defended the version, according to which Vanja herself has put itself terrible traumas as the diagnosis « has been made to it; fetalnyj an alcoholic syndrome » and « jet frustration of affections ».

Jurymen recognised fault Kraverov only partially, having taken out the verdict of “not guilty“ on point of deliberate murder. State charge demanded for fleecers of the death penalty.