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The authorities of Norway have done the utmost, that as less as possible immigrants remains in the country

After in the end of March the Ministry of Justice of Norway has made amendments to the legislation on foreigners, only three immigrants deported from the country has acquired the right to petition about work permit granting in case they were the qualified experts.

Amendments to the legislation   Norway has been entered after business of the immigrant of the Russian origin of Madiny Salamovoj (it Maria Ameli) which long time was in Norway without the legal status, has managed to graduate from the university, and also   to find work. Long time its destiny   there was the Norwegian news number one.    

However Department practice on affairs of foreigners shows that only to two foreigners   besides Madiny Salamovoj it was possible to receive the work permit after changes in the legislation.

« Changes in the legislation are carried out so that them has used small   number of immigrants » - the secretary general of the Organization of refugees of Norway of Annas - Magrit Austeno considers. She considers that the authorities are not interested completely not in a solution of a problem bespasportnyh the immigrants who are in the country.

the Party leader « Venstre » Trine Necks the Grandee considers that the law and has been at all written under the one and only person (Maria Ameli) that practice shows. « it should be a shame with our government as all foreigners sent from the country have received the work permit as the qualified experts » - has declared Necks the Grandee, informs Russian portal of Norway.