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In Petersburg the forwarding agent has plundered collectors on nine millions roubles

it on business has not gone. Has instigated acquaintances. That is why at first was considered as the victim. Now pravoohraniteli do not doubt that espeditora Sergey Klyuyev - ogranizator attacks on the collector car last Friday on New Ladoga.

-   podelnikam he has informed The a place and a way of transportation of money, - have told a source in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Petersburg. - directly ahead of an attack by a mobile phone specially got for commission of crime, gave them instructions.

Robbers was two - both fellow countrymen of the forwarding agent, from Pushkin. One of them in the 35 years, already 12 times has had time to visit under court. Operated quickly, threatened with a pistol. Extraction became nine millions roubles. However, to spend such bogastvo the attacking were not in time. All Trinity now behind a lattice. To court.

- At a search field investigators have withdrawn from them a pneumatic pistol « IZH » used by malefactors at an attack, - have informed in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Petersburg. - and also three million roubles.   searches of the remained stolen Proceed.