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Vladimir Voronin: all parties of the Alliance have a candidate for presidents!

on Saturday, on November, 19th, leader PKRM Vladimir Voronin has acted on air of TV channel « NIT » within the limits of transfer « the Third microphone ».

the Main subject for discussions was that fact that the Alliance correcting in Moldova « For the European integration » has not put forward any nominee on presidential elections. At eks - the president there is a explanation of this situation.

  - the Uniform candidate at the Alliance is not present, to people dupe on ears when say that they have a uniform candidate with whom they already two and a half a year rush. But actually each of Alliance parties, for all these parties and their leaders has nominees in presidents. Most the others want, aspires and spins all these intrigues of Filat.

Moreover, Voronin is assured, what even at promotion of this or that candidate on fast of the president the Alliance would not support it necessary quantity of voices. And for this case, according to the communist, it is already prepared « provocation ».

  - the Quantity voting against, for example, would make figure 12. Why 12 – because it is exactly so much deputies in fraction Gimpu, and in all such cases when something is impossible to someone, it is necessary to search a whipping boy, and here it ready - would appoint such to assoiling, - chairman PKRM who quotes a portal « has explained; the Omega ».

And so, according to Voronina, will occur until then, while Filat will not achieve preschedule parliamentary elections . Thus Voronin assures that PKRM acts categorically against early election, especially in winter time.

  - elections are not necessary to People. They want, that it was warm and was that is, - Voronin has added.


the Apple — new symbol PKRM?

  - the Apple can become a symbol of protests and the further changes. The alliance should retire. We know how to restore political, economic and social spheres , - Vladimir Voronin has noted.

we Will remind that PKRM has threatened with mass protest actions with the requirement of resignation of the Alliance on all country. Protests have begun past Friday with meeting at the Palace of republic (detail).

it is important!

Why PKRM has not proposed the candidate on fast of the president?

Vladimir Voronin has declared that thereby communists have given chance to Alliance parties to show the a political maturity . By words eks - the communist if PKRM has registered the candidate in the absence of the registered nominees from AEI, thereby it « would start hours » then carrying out of new preschedule parliamentary elections would become inevitable. And of it would accuse Party of communists.