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Valery Jarantseva have fined for a negligence

the Former captain of a trawler « elektron » and head of administration Teriberki Valery Jarantseva recognised as guilty of a negligence. We will remind, the consequence made to it abusing powers of office, however later the Office of Public Prosecutor retrained actions accused.

- Two years ago Jarantsev without due procedures has concluded from Open Company « TZHKH » the contract on preparation by the company of municipal available housing to a cold season, - informs a press - the secretary of regional Office of Public Prosecutor Evelina Makarova. - necessary papers on major repairs of apartment houses Besides, have not been made.

After the conclusion of the contract from the budget of Murmansk area the grant in 22 million roubles on preparation of a cold season which in equal shares has been distributed between the right-bank and left-bank party of settlement has arrived. Having broken the law, the head of municipal union without corresponding taking-over of works has signed the document on payment for them in the sum of 10 million roubles.

- Actions of the defendant have caused to rural settlement a considerable property damage, - continues Evelina Makarova. - Works have been executed with infringement of technologies. Now the system of heating of residential buildings needs full reconstruction.

Valery Jarantseva have sentenced to the penalty in 80 thousand roubles.

- Certainly, I will appeal against sentence in regional court and the further instances while me completely will not justify, - he has declared in interview «». - Me pleases that time discharge from a post from now on is removed, and I will return to the duties. For my one-and-a-half-year absence at municipal union huge debts have collected. It is necessary as - that to understand with these problems.