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From an insulator of the State Migratory department of Sweden the Russian

On Sunday, on November, 20th ran, under the threat of the weapon has been released from the insulator of the State Migratory department of Sweden located in the city of Evle, 42 - the summer Russian citizen. He expected dispatch from the country.

When the Russian containing in an insulator has been deduced together with other arrested persons on walk, from the next roof the unknown man has directed the weapon on two security guards, having allowed the arrested person to get through a fence of three-metre height by means of the thrown rope.

When one of employees of Migratory department has tried to seize the fugitive, shots were distributed. Nobody has suffered. The fugitive has disappeared in its waiting car together with other participants of the action. It is supposed that shots were single as on a place of runaway the police has not found out empty sleeves.

the Temporary detention facility is located in city centre Evle. In it those to whom it is refused granting   contain; in Sweden refuges the decision on deportation from the country also is accepted. The maximum term of the maintenance in such places makes two months.

the Russian citizen already was late earlier the Swedish police. For what the Russian has been detained by police this time, nobody knows, as it does not have personal number.

Runaways from an insulator of Migratory department in Evle happened and earlier, but never before under the threat of the weapon, the assistant to department of an insulator   has told; Jorgen Bjuttner.

the Run away Russian and its accomplices are not found yet by police, informs the Swedish radio.