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The author of the Soviet theory of journalism Evgenie Prochorus

On Wednesday, on November, 16th has died, in Moscow the well-known author of the Soviet and Russian theory of the journalism, the merited professor of the Moscow State University Evgenie Prochorus has died.

Evgenie Pavlovich was born on March, 7th, 1931. Has ended Moscow State University journalism faculty in 1954, in 15 years has received degree of the Doctor of Philology. Has based stand of sociology of journalism of journalism faculty and was its manager more than 20 years.

Prokhorov is the author more than 300 scientific works and textbooks on which many generations of students studied and study. He read courses Introduction in the journalism theory Journalism and democracy publicism Art the Internet is our future .

Evgenie Pavlovich was the present Knight of University, highly appreciated the accessory to it, considered it as honour to be as a part of its professorate - it is told on an official site of journalism faculty of the Moscow State University.

Prshchanie with Evgenie Prokhorov will pass on Friday, on November, 18th, at journalism faculty.