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To Stavropol Territory have forbidden to sell pork

the Authorities of Stavropol Territory the day before have forbidden to sell pork in the markets of the Soviet area after there were lost from the African plague set of animals.

we Will remind, in village Soldato - Aleksandrovsky and settlement Mikhailovka of the Soviet area in kilometre from agricultural co-operative society “ Russia “ on November, 12th the  destruction of 32 pigs from the African plague has been registered. After mode introduction chrezyvachajnoj situations in village Soldato - Aleksandrovsky it has been destroyed more than 2,6 thousand pigs. In area settlements quarantine barriers are established.

- trade in the markets of area pigs and products svinovodstva Is forbidden, transfer of work of pig-breeding economy into the closed mode is made, condition monitoring of house and wild pigs is organised, and also triple disinfection of premises in which there were animals is spent, - informs RIA “ News “ Referring to the regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

Besides, in other cities of edge policemen do not pass in region production of an animal and a phytogenesis without veterinary accompanying documents.