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In the Finnish east province of Uusimaa building of a new highway

In east province of Finland begins Uusimaa building of the new highway conducting to Russia begins. Present high-speed highway Valtatie 7 is planned to make a part of highway E18.

At present the high-speed highway is represented by only separate sites of road.

the project Purpose — to increase a highway by 105 km. It is supposed that in this connection time of journey from Koskenkjulja to border with Russia will be reduced to half an hour.

Works will begin with removal of a high layer of the earth and explosion of rocky soil. Thereupon building   roads it can be reflected in the organisation in movement region.

we Will add, the site of a highway from Koskenkjulja to Loviisa should enter into a system in December, 2013. Completely the highway is planned to open in the autumn of 2014.

Expenses on building of new high-speed road will make 300 million The euro, informs an information portal vyborg. tv referring to Yle.