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In the Samara region the young men who were lost from a poisoning by gas, were going to get married

28 - summer Alexander Lesnikov and its girl, 19 - letnja Julia, poisoned with gas in village Kamyshla, were going to put in today the statement in the REGISTRY OFFICE.

- About that, what`s happened, I have learnt from husband Renaty with whom they lived recently separately, - have told « Volga of the News » Alexander Svetlana`s cousin. - to it have called from shop where Renata worked and have told that it did not leave in the change. The husband has gone to it home, has then called police to break open a door. My brother Sasha has been found dead on a threshold. And small Raphael — hammered under a bed.

we Will remind, on November, 19th, in the morning in the street Victories in village Kamyshla have found bodies of five victims in the private house: 27 - and 19 - summer sisters, 28 - and 23 - summer brothers and 9 - the summer child. According to preliminary data, they have closed zaslonku in the furnace and have poisoned with carbonic oxide at night. Young men rented the house. Victims constantly closed zaslonku pipes,   the mistress did time and again by it remarks. However tenants complained that it cold and continued to close an extract.