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In Bratsk has urgently landed the Boeing - 777 : pilots have saved life to the passenger

Crew « the Boeing - 777 » flying flight Moscow - Southern - Sahalinsk on which board there were 250 persons, has gone on a risky step. Pilots have ventured to sit down the huge liner at the unfamiliar airport. But other exit simply was not. One of passengers, appear, died: 67 - summer to the man in flight it became bad , the pensioner some times fainted. The commander of a vessel has made the decision – to land, that to rescue the person . It has operatively contacted dispatchers of the brotherly airport to which was closest to fly.

When services on the earth have learnt that on a strip here - here will sit down « the Boeing - 777 » and such planes here all - taki a rarity, have reacted immediately: To vzletke have sent the car fast and technicians. Exactly in 7. 20 on Irkutsk time « the Boeing » has safely landed.

But here there was other problem - how to take out the passenger from salon if in park of the airport there is no gangway of suitable height?

- it was necessary to Evacuate the man by the car of an onboard food, - has told the chief of service of the organisation of transportations of the airport « Bratsk » Lyudmila Ilinyh. – on such technics into planes load carts with dinners. We have adjusted the car, its body has risen on the necessary height. Crew « the Boeing » has opened the hatch. Through it the pensioner have taken out on a stretcher.

the Man was without consciousness. On fast it have brought to neurology branch. Doctors have decided to put the arrived patient in a hospital as the state of health called serious fears.

- It has spent at us two days, - have told « in GKB 3 cities of Bratsk. – The man only a day before flight was discharged from hospital, it has transferred serious operation on vessels. In the liner to it it became bad. At its diagnosis such not a rarity. The pensioner was accompanied by the daughter, she did not move a step from it while it was at us.

After the elderly person has not dared to push more luck and further together with a daughter has gone in Southern - Sahalinsk already by train.

Other passengers after a crash landing remained in salon. The plane needed to be refuelled, and to pilots to sign in a dispatching office documents. « the Boeing » has staid on vzletke 2 hours of 20 minutes, and has then gone further - in Southern - Sahalinsk.

- Actually the airport of Bratsk can accept vessels of any class, - the assistant to general director Vladimr Kolesnev speaks. - the Airport international. Knowingly is spare for Irkutsk. We sit down even cargo shirokofjuzeljazhnye « Boeings - 747 ». 777 - about same. But up until that time such liners to us really did not fly. Now, probably, will be.

Recently such cases began to repeat often. We will remind, more recently, on November, 14th, other plane, flight « Irkutsk - Moscow » have developed in the sky: to the passenger it became bad in air. Details > > >