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In India modernised Tata Nano

Tata   Nano, let out in 2009, has discouraged company management   Tata   Motors   the low sales. In December, 2010 of sale of the cars, which release the owner   Tata   – Ratan Tata named « break » have fallen to 85 % in comparison with the end of 2009. To it, except technical defects, could contribute and a wave of fires of cheap cars.

Weak sales a number of the alterations directed on increase of appeal of the car in the opinion of buyers speaks. Next year it will be possible to buy   Nano   several new colours. Besides, motor-car manufacturers assert that they managed to raise profitability of a car which consumes now gasoline less. Capacity of the engine has grown also. At new   Nano   under a cowl there will be 38 horses, that is on 3 more than at present. On the other hand, in salon now not so it is noisy. Are improved in modernised   Nano   fire and other security.

In   Tata   Motors   hope that updatings and alterations will help to increase sales   Nano, the price on which remains immutable – 100 thousand rupees (about 2000 dollars).