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The Chelyabinsk swindler - the psychic has dissolved on money of peasants from the Kurgan region

Hospitable countrymen have helped the criminal. Have told to the stranger on a car with the Chelyabinsk numbers, who where and as lives. The woman ostensibly searched for the relatives. Under this pretext also entered rap sessions with local residents.

And here it was declared to one of the victims. The door has not been locked. The swindler knew in advance that the mistress is unhealthy and even knew, where that stores the savings. It has bribed the unfortunate patient, she has believed in ekstrasensornye abilities sharlatanki. That promised to heal by means of a gold dagger and ear rings. And then money was necessary also. The pensioner has given 12 thousand roubles. « the psychic » has wrapped them in a piece of paper, has then made any strange manipulations and, velev to put the parcel to a sore point, has left.

When the pensioner has developed « curative » Parcel has found out in it at all the savings, and pokromsannuju a paper. The deceived inhabitant of village Cow Mishkinsky area was converted into police. As informs a press - service UMVD of Russia on Kurgnsky area while the pseudo-psychic did not manage to be detained. But it was found out that its victims of a steel and pensioners from the next villages. Police officers do not exclude that the swindler is till now in territory of the Kurgan region and urge not to trust strangers.