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Mentally sick woman has attacked in Moscow own child

Monday afternoon employees of department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on area the Warm Camp have detained 37 - the summer inhabitant of capital Svetlana Gavrikovu for attempt at murder of own daughter.

Police officers have approached on 146 house along the street Trade-union nearby 10. 00.

  - the idle woman, which   Has been detained; because of an aggravation   mental frustration has put five knife wounds of the daughter, - have informed in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the city of Moscow. - concerning the arrested person criminal case under article " is brought; attempt at murder . It is compulsorily placed in psychiatric hospital as consists on the account in PND   also is the invalid of 2 groups.  

As it became known five years` Nellja Gavrikova has been hospitalised with plural koloto - rezanymi wounds of area of a chest, a scrappy wound 3 fingers of the right brush. Police officers have withdrawn a kitchen knife from apartment.  

By the way, during the same time in capital one more child has suffered. From the ninth floor 94 - go houses along the street Highway of Enthusiasts the five years` boy has dropped out. The child has survived. It has been hospitalised in hospital with closed cranial - the brain trauma, open crisis of both bones of the right forearm, gemartrozom the left knee joint. On the given fact check is spent.