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the Ruby has confidently defeated club from Neftekamsk

the Starting period has begun with stunning attacks of owners, tells a press - service the Ruby . As a result already on the first minute the attacking Alexander Gorshkov an unexpected throw « has stitched » the goalkeeper of visitors Vladimir Sohatsky. On it Siberians have not calmed down and have continued to force pressure in another`s zone. However gradually « torosovtsy » have come to the senses also a parity of forces on a platform it was levelled. The goalkeeper « the Ruby » Alexander Sudnitsin has been urged to show reaction miracles. In second half of period tjumentsy four minutes played the majority, but could not take dividends. And here the first removal as a part of owners has come to the end for them is sad. On the nineteenth minute, left without supervision near to gate Stanislav Golovanov, has evened up scores. And all - taki, as a whole, the first period remained for « the Ruby ». To what the parity of throws on collars &ndash bears; 17:12 in favour of wards of Mishata Fahrutdinova.

the Second period held spectators in not smaller pressure, than previous. It has begun with sharp attack of Siberians, and has proceeded active actions « torosovtsev ». Evgenie Tunik, Vitaly Kamenev, Stanislav Golovanov, other players of the Neftekamsk command could cause a stir. For any time « the Ruby » has missed the initiative that as it was found out, to blow up in second half of piece. On 32 - j to minute tjumentsy have earned the majority and have started to vozrashcheniju the lost boundaries. Disarray in defensive usages of visitors have brought Denis Stasjuk, Anton Zimin, Alexander Gorshkov, defender Vladimir Gusev has broken power reception of the opponent, and spectators from the places forward Denis Sander has forced to jump. On 36 - j to minute it has promptly rushed from flank on pjatachok and, having left Sohatsky out of work, has switched on red light behind collars « the Hummock » - 2:1.

If in the beginning of the third period of a match the question on its winners still was opened the more close it came nearer to finish, the trumps « were more obviously shown; the Ruby ». And the main things from them – a class of skilled hockey players and enthusiasm of youth. Certainly, at height was and birthday marking on November, 21st Sudnitsin. On exod of the fifth minute of a piece of Stasjuk, overcoming resistance of rivals, has translated a washer were near gate « the Hummock » to the Lion Trifonovu, which chance it is masterful used. Further tjumentsy completely supervised a situation. And even when shortly before a siren on a platform with Siberians remained all three field players, there were no doubts that so important victory « the Ruby » will save.