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In Yaroslavl the son of the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy

On Saturday, on November, 19th in club « will act; Honey » - very unusual star. This di - dzhej is not well-known how domestic stars of club culture. While its popularity goes from a surname: for jaroslavtsev the two-hour set the son of the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy Pierre will play.

26 - the summer guy with long blonde hair and a wide smile as at the father, of the musical activity thinks much. Pierre Sarkozy wants to become successful in this field independently that the surname of the father did not help it with it. That is why before the performances does not give any interviews and it is not taken on a photo and video. And even long time with a view of conspiracy it acted not under the name, and under a pseudonym di - dzhej Mozi.

Besides, Pierre also is known as the model and the producer a rap - groups.

But the most important thing, Sarkozy - younger is lonely! Heart of the guy still freely and even organizers of a concert advertise Pierre as « the most desired groom of Europe ».

That: Pierre Sarkozy performance

Where: Club « Honey » (street Podzelene), phone: (4852 72 - 88 - 99

When: on November, 19th, the beginning in 23. 00

How much: the ticket for girls – 500 roubles, for men – 700.