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Transbaikalian policemen spent on pension of 20 colonels

to Send on the merited rest of the veterans policemen have solved in solemn conditions. Ceremony has taken place yesterday, on November, 21st.

- Each of heroes of a celebration has given to service in law-enforcement bodies of more half of life. All of them have risen in a militian system, being young, began with ordinary posts in various services, and leave on the merited rest in a rank of colonels. Behind their shoulders the richest experience in criminal investigation department, private security, struggle against street criminality. Among those who this day has heard words of gratitude and sincere gratitude – Vladimir Kivva heading 10 years the Chita OMON, Anatoly Fedorov – the chief of department of internal affairs on Karymsky area, Sergey Komogortsev – the head of department of criminal investigation department UMVD of Russia on Transbaikalian edge, Nikolay Zajtsev – The chief of the department on work with staff regional UMVD, - have told in a press - service regional UMVD.