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the Tractor has not conceded in fights to the Hero

For a minute till the end of Jeremiah Jablonski`s match at a board attacked Alexander Ryazantsev. The defender « the Tractor » has evaded and has driven off aside. During the same time in other corner of a platform Michael Chernov has given on the person to Anton Burdasovu. Anton has fallen and has shut the face with the hands. JAblonski has continued to attack Ryazantsev and after pair words has called in to it apperkotom in a jaw. Alexander has got to a knockout.

At an opposite board understood Anton Glinkin and Andrey Popov with Draft and Nikita Korovkinym. Nik Tarnaski invited to dance Derona Kuinta. JAblonski has received 25 minutes of the penalty. It has left in a locker room and has returned to look through, than to end a match. It stood with a naked torso, playing muscles.

« the Hero » remained three together and on the following change there was Kip Brennan with Alexander Sazonov and Nikita Korovkinym. Valery Belousov has let out the fourth five: Sergey Pajora, Maxim Mamina, Alexander Buturlin, Konstantin Plaksin and Nikita Nesterov. After vbrasyvanija Bales has snatched on Alexander Buturlin. That was closed also by the following in the heat of the moment Maxim Mamin has got. Mum`s has preferred to drive off from Brennana as forces were unequal. From outside looked that it sought safety in flight. Lajnsmeny have tied the Bale.

Nikita Korovkin has attacked on Alexander Buturlin from a back, has pressed it to ice. Mum`s began to drag Korovkina. Mum`s for a back Sazonov has dragged. It was dragged by Plaksin. As in a fairy tale about repku. At this time in vratarskuju Michael Garnetta there has arrived Matt Delton and began to call it on fight. Between them there was Alexey Vasilchenko. But Matt has shown persistence and has seized Michael by a mask. But in this fight it is possible to give victory to Michael, it has put two good blows. One has made a section of Metu. But as a result of Delton has filled up Garnetta.

While goalkeepers field players understood did not stand without business. Plaksin was linked to Korovkinym, rassek to it an eyebrow and has filled up on ice. In other corner were turned in embraces Mum`s and Sazonov. At Alexander also a section. Together with a siren of Nik Tarnaski has laid on Alexander Buturlin`s ice.

As a whole in duels were « tractor operators » and present (Plaskin – Korovkin, Mum`s – Sazonov) victory at visitors. In fight of goalkeepers of Garnett has shown that has the good shock technics, but prefers to leave fight with smaller losses, than to fight to the victorious. On Monday terms diskvalifikatsy for Jablonski and Brennana should be known. While on Ryazantsev`s state of health also it is not informed.