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Deputies of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region have brought updatings in the budget project the next year

Committee on the budget and a tax policy of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region has considered the project of the budget of edge the next year in the second reading. We will remind, before it have passed sessions of committees where the deputies responsible for certain branches reconsidered incomes and expenses.

Amendments which were brought by deputies, have changed the basic indicators of the main financial document as follows:

Incomes: were - 119,7 mlrd   roubles, a steel - almost 120 mlrd roubles

Expenses: were -   142,6 mlrd roubles, became -   almost 145,5 mlrd roubles

Deficiency   with 22,9 mlrd   roubles has grown to   25,5 mlrd roubles.

the Chairman of committee on the budget and a tax policy Valery Semenov has noticed that deputies have done enormous work. In document preparation   Participated as well representatives of Audit Chamber, the edge Ministry of Finance, committees ZS have brought some essential changes. Only amendments to the basic financial document of edge occupy 112 sheets!

the edge Office of Public Prosecutor too worked over the document, in the expert opinion of Office of Public Prosecutor is noticed that in the project are not brought 18 long-term target programs which were supposed to start to be financed in 2012. Some of them are accepted outside of target dates – from October, 13 till October, 25th, 2011.

So, on what the budget money, here some the large-scale projects will go:

Increase of the salary to teachers. For it it is allocated by 271,6 million in 2012 and on 681,4 million in 2013 - m and 2014 - m.

  On support of rural teachers - pensioners. For it it is allocated by 136,2 million roubles in 2012, 156,7 million roubles in 2013 - m and 180,2 million roubles in 2014 - m.

On experiment expansion on introduction of new system of payment for workers of educational institutions -   100 million roubles in 2012 and on 104,4 million roubles in 2013 - m and 2014 - m.

On regional surcharge to younger tutors of kindergartens -   15,4 million roubles.

On end of building of regional hospital in Vanavare   167,5 million roubles.

End of building of school in Evenkii -   152,6 million roubles.

Payments to representatives   the radical small people of the north on building bystrovozvodimyh low houses -   25 million roubles.

On the maintenance and repair of social habitation -   87,2 million roubles.

On acquisition of municipal technics - 72 million roubles.

On reconstruction of the Central stadium in Krasnoyarsk of 45,8 million roubles

  40 million roubles — on the device of sports schoolyards;

we Will notice that from more than 70 amendments of deputies any has not been rejected.

Zakonoprekt « About the regional budget for 2012 and the planned period 2013 — 2014 » it is placed for consideration session ZS on December, 1st for acceptance in the second reading.