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On tours in Irkutsk the art director of Transbaikalian dramatic theatre

to Troupe of Transbaikalian regional drama theatre from Irkutsk to Chita has died it is necessary to come back without the main trainer. Hudruk theatre Nikolay Berezin has suddenly died.

is a terrible loss! - the actor and the director of Irkutsk academic drama theatre of Ohlopkova Gennady Guschin speaks. – I, when have learnt that the Transbaikalian theatre goes to us, strongly was delighted. With Nikolay Berezinym we familiar for a long time. Together were on increase courses in Moscow. I waited for its arrival, wanted to meet. It the tremendous person, very talented. I do not know, what exactly has occurred to it. Speak, the internal bleeding has begun. While anybody plainly anything cannot tell.

Nikolay Berezina with an attack have taken away in hospital where he has died in resuscitation. The troupe Berezina now prepares for funeral. A body of the main director will carry to Chita. But till now it is not clear, a leah actors in Irkutsk will finish all statements or will come back home.

they should present last performance the day after tomorrow, on November, 29th. Nikolay Berezin adored the theatre. Made grandiose plans for the future – considered new statements.

- we rehearsed much, - he told in interview « in Chita all one month ago at opening new 72 theatrical seasons. – We are going to show to our favourite spectators all prime ministers. Recently there came to us on tour the Uhlan - Udensky theatre. Full-scale tours of the state Russian drama theatre of a name of Bestuzhev have passed in Chita from September, 14 till September, 25th. Now we with reciprocal visit will go to them on the same conditions, and then we will go to Irkutsk …

Berezin has opened the Theatrical season the performance - a monologue « Feasting after Victory » Under Victor Astafeva`s stories, which itself has put and in which has played a leading role.

- the theatre is a place where the crowd turns to the people, - he spoke.

the INQUIRY «»

Nikolay Alekseevich Berezin was born on July, 21st, 1956 in Moscow. Has ended actor`s and director`s faculties of theatrical school of Schukin in Moscow. Played theatre of Lenin Komsomol in Leningrad. In 1986 became the main director of Russian drama theatre in Ufa (Republic Bashkiria). In 1990 has got over to live and work to Chita. Nikolay Alekseevich - a member of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation, the honoured worker of arts of the Russian Federation, the National actor of the Russian Federation.