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Medvedev: All were got by corruption and dullness of system, after elections there is a chance to correct a situation

the Head of the High council of party « an United Russia » Boris Gryzlov has suggested delegates of party congress to support a nominee of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin for participation in presidential elections of 2012.

According to Gryzlov, United Russia party members should accept « important and a critical decision ».

« We offer, that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin » was our uniform candidate; – the speaker of the State Duma has declared.

Gryzlov has noticed that Putin`s course has united Russians, and prospects of development of the country are connected with his name. « and I am convinced that the decision which we accept today, will support not only delegates of congress, but also the Russian voters » – the politician has added.

In case of success « an United Russia » On forthcoming elections the party will be engaged in a solution of a problem of corruption and imperfection of the state system, Dmitry Medvedev has promised.

- Our citizens absolutely objectively, is defensible want to supervise the power. All were got by corruption, has got dullness of system, all we want justice because almost all social groups feel not to the full involved in government processes, believe that with them not always are considered, - the head of the state has noted.

It is abnormal, and I am assured that we have chances to correct this situation. Formation of the open, transparent, accessible government - it still name « the big government » is an urgent question, - Medvedev has told.

- But why it has ripened? Let`s ask this question. Because the society becomes more and more formed and opened and our political force, our party too should understand it, - the president has underlined.

the Head of the government of Russia Vladimir Putin has thanked all addressing to the congress, offering to it to propose the nominee on presidential elections from party.

- With gratitude this offer I accept, - Putin has told.