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Fans the Ruby abide in euphoria from victory over the Dynamo

Kazan « the Ruby » - the unique command from the top eight which has won about the of a match in leaving year. After victory in « Luzniki » over CSKA (1:2), on native « Central » wards of Berdyeva have not left chances « the Dynamo » (2:0).

the Fan guest sing the praises of the head coach and football players, and also support behaviour of Salvotore Bokketti interceded for the partner and struck a floor to the person of the player « the Dynamo » Uilshira.

- I demand banquet continuation! Time has gone such pruha, I demand to prolong the championship of Russia till the end of December, games it is desirable with moskaljami, - does not hide emotions. (CHajan)

- How much it is possible neadekvata to forgive it already? In last match hardly Kasaeva without feet has left, now on Eryomenko bychit. Salvo the swell, uvazhuha!, - marks Bill.

Bokketti - MO - LO - DETS!!! I it am simple - taki zauvazhal! Next time everyones uilkshery will think before frankly to be rude!, - echoes colleagues Ivanych.

And here Jahont, that the Italian defender « to the contrary does not consider; the Ruby » has acted right.

- That it you on Bokketti so vozradovalis? If it was the boxing, then yes the good fellow and so it the fieriness very easily can substitute the command. And it by the way not for the first time, Berdyev is absolutely right - the penalty for preventive maintenance.

- Today amicably we support « the Locomotive » and « Anzhi » you never can tell we can and on a champion`s title will threaten, especially to lose like as there is nobody, with « Volga » and « Rostov » any more we do not play, - he speaks.

Fans « the Dynamo » blame in all the head coach.

- No complexes actually exist, it is all is decided. It is just necessary to admit that, actually, Berdyev not bad understands football. In game « the Ruby » and « Kuban » the trainer`s thought is read. It is difficult to me to present that at Petresku would play not the strongest, and its favourites. Silkin me starts to discourage. What for to put on game of the player which is not ready. I mean Voronina. Here Bozhovicha for the Raven did not abuse only lazy, but, it seems to me, if Bozhovich has not set him on a lava, we and have not seen present Voronina, and would observe that saw in its execution today throughout all season. Kurani degrades simply in the face of. Samedov today any. About the Pomegranate of Wolves will better tell. The goalkeeper unreliable. Frolov left today and at once it is visible that it is the owner in penal, fine feels riding balls. But at Silkina, seemingly, the veil in the face of, considers the Wanderer with « the Western tribune » guest « the Dynamo ».

this year to the Ruby it is necessary to spend 2 more matches in League of Europe on which its destiny in the club tournament of the Old World second for the importance will depend.