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In Novosibirsk with a hepatitis And 56 persons

Flash of a hepatitis were ill And has been registered in the beginning of November. As it became known « all caught – employees of office centre « the Meridian » that it is located in the Central area. The diseased regularly ate in a local dining room. According to epidemiologists, the poor-quality meal, most likely, also became the reason of flash of disease.

Now the dining room business - the centre is closed on quarantine until then while experts of Management of Federal Agency in supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being of the person across the Novosibirsk region will not finish epidemiological investigation.

Now cases of a hepatitis And are registered in all disctricts of the city, except Railway. According to physicians, there is diseased and among employees of the large companies.

Municipal medical - preventive establishments from the beginning of month spend all necessary protivoepidemicheskie actions: vaktsinirovanie and inspections of townspeople which could contact with caught « a jaundice ».

- For November, 16th it is registered 56 sick of a hepatitis, including 1964 contact, among them - 31 child. Preventive inoculations have put 1318 novosibirtsam, from them - 13 children. 53 persons have refused vaccination for various reasons, - have explained in   the Main thing   management of public health services of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk.

For localisation of flash from means of city budget of Novosibirsk 2089 doses of a vaccine against a virus hepatitis And, are bought by cost of 1 million 425 thousand 149 roubles.

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