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In Russia Day of mother

Today, on November, 27th is celebrated, in Russia Day of mother is celebrated. Here 13 years last Sunday November all mums and pregnant women of the country receive congratulations in the address.

the set of the actions is dated For this feast in Yaroslavl region, some of them passed last week, others – will take place on the following.

So, on Monday, on November, 28th, in theatre of a name of Volkova at 15 o`clock will pass the regional feast devoted to Day of mother. Here the women who have brought the big contribution to education of children, having many children, foster homes, the families nurturing children - invalids, exceptional children are invited.

Within the limits of this feast the governor of Yaroslavl region Sergey Vahrukov will award nine best families of region with regional awards – medals « For fidelity to a parental debt ».

Will continue a feast performance of Volkovsky theatre « Songs of our life ». And before the feast beginning in foyer of the second floor for invited mums will play family ensemble known in area Vishnevsky, gifts will be handed over all mums.

the List of the awarded families

Tatyana Nikolaevna Baranova   - Brejtovsky area

Evgenie Borisovich and Elena Olegovna Bashkinovy - Rybinsk area

Vadim Valerevich and Elena Viktorovna Burovy   - Yaroslavl

Konstantin Abdimitalitovich and Svetlana Valentinovna Ivahnenko   - Reslavsky area

Nikolay Anatolevich and Galina Aleksandrovna Krylovy   - Brejtovsky area

Vadim Valerevich Ljutenkov and Larissa Valentinovna Vasilchenko   - Yaroslavl

Alexey Nikolaevich and Elena Vladimirovna Popovy   - Yaroslavl

Valentina Semenovna Sokolova   - Brejtovsky area

Vladimir Gennadevich and Uljana Vladilenovna Stepanovy   - Reslavsky area


Day of mother - the international feast in honour of mothers. In the different countries it is necessary for different dates, basically in the world Day of mother is marked on the second Sunday of May.   in Russia it is marked annually last Sunday November, in Belarus   - on October, 14th, in Ukraine   - on the second Sunday of May.

In Russia a feast Day of mother is founded in 1998 by the decree of president Boris Yeltsin. The initiative of establishment of this feast belongs to Committee of the State Duma on affairs of women, a family and youth. The feast purpose - to support traditions of solicitous attitude to the woman, to fix family foundations, especially to note value in our life of the main person - Mothers.