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Leah it is necessary to Siberians to go to have a rest to Egypt?

that in Egypt mass stirrings have begun, it became known in last days off. On Monday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has informed that in Cairo, Alexandria and other big cities have passed the protest actions which have poured out in collisions of demonstrators with forces of law and order. As informs Rosturizm , already some tens persons were lost, thousand are wounded.

it is clear that inhabitants of Irkutsk have reflected, and a leah it is necessary to go to this country to have a rest, and abandon to the idea that it is not necessary.

- strikes of Siberians have scared away more than messages on sharks, - Natalia Evtushok has told the deputy director of one of travel agencies. – Many holiday-makers refuse travel there and, having paid in addition, fly to Thailand. From - for it and cost of vacation packages in the Arabian republic has decreased more than on 10 thousand.

For local tourist agencies similar in a novelty.

- Vacation packages to Egypt always were in demand, though very much popular were not, - Natalia continues. – there remarkable hotels, good service, pure Red sea, animators – there it was pleasant to inhabitants of Irkutsk. And now even New Year`s tours change.

Of some firms assure: there is nothing to be afraid.

- the Situation in Egypt is a little decided and to hand over tickets there is no sense because the resort cities of Sharms el Sheikh and Hurgada from Cairo are far, - the director of one more Irkutsk tourist agency Maria Odnostorontseva adds.

the Same opinion adhere and in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

- In the resort centres that`s OK, there was no case of infringement of the rights of tourists, - has told on a press - conferences «» in Moscow the deputy chief of department of the countries of the Near East and Africa consular department the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Gocha Buachidze. - However we warn compatriots that avoided venues of mass demonstrations and did not leave for limits of resort zones.

Rosturizm has already forbidden tour operators to organise excursions in capital ARE, and this condition is carried out. Advises to travellers to refuse similar trips if offer the local. And if all - taki have gathered to Egypt recommends to watch news and it is obligatory to issue the insurance on a case of sudden disease, from accidents and other risks connected with features of travel to this country. Always have at itself the documents proving the identity, and contact phones of Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Arabian republic.