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Dangerous boys will frighten vladivostoktsev

Primortsev already difficultly to surprise with visit of the fashionable star shining on any rating TV channel. But if the actor is talented, why and not to look, than it can surprise captious public? This time to seaside theatre-goers offer improbably ridiculous (judging by responses of those who already saw performance) a comedy « Dangerous boys » under the play of Nika Voroka. One of leading roles in it Vladislav Kotljarsky who was acting in film in serials « will play; the Wood-grouse » and « SHtrafbat ».

In the plot centre – Inna and Max, a married couple who thirsts to adopt the child. A train of bureaucratic conventions, including conformity of living conditions, a psychological status of the future parents, financial stability, — these are examinations which need to be passed to a young family.   as they with them will consult – You can see on the future Sunday.