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Moldova protest waves

have overflowed Thousand citizens have taken part in the protests spent in the largest cities of the country – Kagul, Glodjany, Orgeev, Hyncheshty - with the requirement of immediate resignation of a mode correcting in Moldova.
Protesting have responded to an appeal of Party of communists of Moldova to resistance to a ruling mode.
So, on Saturday, on November, 26th, protest meetings passed in Kagule, Glodjanah, Orgeeve and Hyncheshtah.
According to holding a meeting, the given protests are resistance to a mode an antisocial and antinational policy correcting « the Alliance for eurointegration » spent throughout almost three years. Protests are directed against increase of tariffs, the prices, against an impoverishment of the population, growth of an external debt of the state, against antinational actions of the country leaders and government usurpation.
As the chairman of the party of communists Vladimir Voronin has declared, mass protest actions will last until the ruling alliance will not retire.
the Source: omg. md