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Today last day before Christmas fast

Sunday - last day when believers can eat ferial food before the Christmas fast known also as the Forty day fast or Phillips fast. Fast will begin on November, 28th and will proceed till Christmas on old style, on January, 7th.  
Ecclesiastic Evgenie Onikov from church of Sacred Pantelejmona has told that fast proceeds 40 days, at this time the fasting cannot use products of an animal origin in food. Unlike quadragesima, on the eve of paschal feasts, in Christmas fast, on Saturdays and Sundays, and also in holidays, it is possible to use in food fish, vegetable oil and wine.  
- the Church urges christians to be always pious, to pray, but in days of fast church-goers should pray even more earnestly because abstention from some food is only one of the aspects, helping to clear soul, - Evgenie Onikov has noted .
Orthodox can take communion after the first day of fast, but, as a rule, people take communion after at least week. Fast keeps till Christmas, and last day is observed with special severity, till Christmas night, to be exact – before occurrence of the first star in the sky.  
In an orthodox calendar within a year there are four fasts – Christmas fast, quadragesima, Petrov fast, fast of assumption of the Birth-Giver of God of the Deipara.