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In Nizhni Novgorod will pass parade of snow-removing technics

the Tractor, multipurpose cars and other technics intended for uboorki of snow, will pass parade across Nizhni Novgorod tomorrow.  

- Domoupravljajushchie of the company of the Nizhniy Novgorod, Soviet, Lenin, Kanavinsky and Moscow areas will show abilities of multipurpose technics which will clean in the winter court yard and streets of five areas of Nizhni Novgorod from snow and naledi, -   -   informs a press - service domoupravljajushchik the companies (DUK - the Press) Nizhni Novgorod.

last year domoupravljajushchie the companies concluded lease contracts on technics with the private companies. More often cars and tractors were given by a residual principle: at first from snow the territory of the companies was cleaned, and only then the technics went to the court yard fixed for DUK. To avoid such situations this year, a management domoupravljajushchih the companies of five areas of Nizhni Novgorod the decision to get own technics was accepted. Now in arsenal DUK there are the multipurpose cars, capable to clean snow from almost impassable sites, to strew sidewalks pesko - a hydrochloric mix, to sweep asphalt.

Also on parade of snow-removing technics cars " will be presented; brigades of municipal reaction which are created and work in five disctricts of the city as alternative to existing yard keepers. Experts flying brigades will tell about how they carry out cleaning of court yard and streets.