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After major repairs the maternity home on the Lime mount

On Thursday, on December, 1st opens, in Yaroslavl after major repairs the maternity home on the Lime mount opens. Having closed on in the middle of September, now the maternity home is almost ready to reception of the first lying-in women. Here it was possible to update half of medical institution. In maternity home there were chambers of intensive therapy for newborns, the iatrotechnics is established.

However on it repair is not finished, it will proceed and next year – here will repair second half of maternity home, female consultation, children`s polyclinic. In the end of 2011 - the beginning of 2012 here will put the new equipment for resuscitation, nursing of kids, laboratory researches.

As a result here it will be spent fifty four million federal roubles, informs « City TV channel ».

For two and a half a month which were occupied with major repairs of half of maternity hospital, lying-in women were accepted by other hospitals of Yaroslavl – the ninth, medical medical unit NPZ and perinatalnyj the centre.

we Will notice that for a year in maternity home on Lime appears two thousand seven hundred kids. Simultaneously here there can be sixty newborns.