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The Perm volunteers have reminded townspeople of gone children

Sunday afternoon the avenue conducting from the Perm art gallery to city centre, the Perm volunteers have altered. Group of young men which are engaged in searches of gone children, have carried out the action directed on attraction of attention permjakov to a problem of vanishing children. On each tree they have hanged out orientations with photos of lost children and blue balloons. Besides those children that were gone in the Perm edge, from orientations to townspeople persons of the children who were gone in Ekaterinburg, Voronezh &hellip looked;

- Each half an hour the child vanishes, and each 6 hours the child who will be never found also children vanishes it is necessary to search, another`s children do not happen also it can concern everyone, - volunteers explained. -   only making common cause, we can help our children. It is important to involve people not to remain indifferent.

One of last search operations in whom these young men &ndash participated; these are Eugene Obeshchikovoj`s searches. Now in edge there are searches 15 - summer Christina Bushuevoj from Karagaja who was gone more two months ago.