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To crew Sparta it is necessary to hold on days five - earlier a vessel not to reach

the Nearest   a vessel, which has a sufficient ice class to make the way to clamped in ices and received a hole to the Russian trawler « Sparta » , is New Zealand « San Aspiring ». But also it is in 470 n miles from « Sparta » also can approach not earlier than through 4 - 5 days .

« It is expected that is required from 4 till 5 days to reach area of state of emergency » - have informed in the Center of coordination of actions of life-saving services of New Zealand.

we Will remind, onboard suffering affliction « Sparta » there are 32 persons: 15 Russians, 16 Indonesians and one Ukrainian. Communication with a vessel is supported constantly, to people while threatens nothing. All are live and healthy.

On   Vessel there are the special diving suits protecting from overcooling in water, saving rafts, enough of products and fuel. All it will help seamen to hold on before arrival of the help and to survive, if it is necessary to leave a vessel.

the Crew continues to pump out water from holds, tries to close up a hole   also dumps on ice cargoes, that   to facilitate a vessel. It was informed earlier that the part of crew and both scientific observers have landed on an ice floe   « as a safety measure ».

As informs « the Sea bulletin - Sovfraht » nearby to the sprung a leak refrigerator there are two vessels, but help they can nothing.

« Same with « Sparta » other Russian fishing vessel - « Chiyo Maru no. 3 » - is in 290 miles from victims, but it does not have ice class. The nearest not named vessel to « To Sparta » is on distance of only 19 miles, however it also is jammed in ices, and help can nothing » - writes the edition.

To the aid of the Russian vessel suffering affliction at coast of Antarctica there are two ships
About it to us the head of the centre of public relations Rosrybolovstva Alexander Savelyev

Unfortunately to help seamen from the sky too it is impossible.

« Possibilities to assist by helicopters that is to evacuate if necessary crew, no. The type plane « Oat-flakes » from the American Antarctic station « the Poppy of Murdo » already should be in area « Sparta ». To help   physically it cannot, its problem – to estimate conditions, first of all ice » - marks « Sovfraht ».

the Russian fishing vessel « Sparta » has given signal SOS nearby 19:00 Moscow time on December, 15th from Ross sea. The trawler is approximately in two thousand miles from New Zealand. Water arrives in cargo hold, the vessel has tilted on 13 %. The list continues to increase.

Onboard there are 15 Russians:

captain Oleg Starolat,

Dmitry Litvinov,

Igor Tajnis,

Ivan Mukhin,

Andrey Mihajlov,

Victor Ionkin,

Andrey Lisich,

Anatoly Devak,

Sergey Borishchenko,

Oleg Novoselov,

Anton Lagovsky,

Denis Krugljashov,

Vasily Diky,

Valery Lastochkin

and scientific observer Evgenie Kulish.

And also the scientific observer from Ukraine Sergey Usachyov.