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In Irkutsk have denounced a gang black realtors burning victims on a fire

the Gang « black realtors » almost two years kept in awe inhabitants of Irkutsk, Angarsk, Usolye - Siberian. Have thought up nothing essentially new criminals. Operated under the usual scheme.

victims searched among lonely people who liked to be put to alcohol. Got acquainted with them, fastened friendship and on the sly accustomed to drinking. And that occurred further, at the normal person in a head does not keep within.

gangsters killed victims, and their bodies took out to wood where burnt on a fire. Unfortunate after happened criminals sold apartments by means of frauds. Criminals have detained in 2006 - m. investigated Business three years: inspectors have interrogated more hundreds witnesses, have spent tens examinations. And here that have found out …

- the Leader of grouping worked earlier in militia, - inform in Investigatory management of investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across the Irkutsk region . – It was on compulsory treatment in psychiatric hospital and there has generated group of patients of establishment.

three persons have entered into it – the leader of a gang, his brother and the third patient of clinic. Victims of criminals of a steel of 8 persons.

- a sentence of Irkutsk regional court to the leader have appointed 25 years of imprisonment with serving in a high security colony, - to His brother of 10 years, and the third participant of grouping – 15.