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Business of brothers of Vokinyh which have shot in Irkutsk police officers, is passed in court

the First deputy of the public prosecutor of the Irkutsk region has confirmed the bill of particulars on a sensational case about execution in Irkutsk on April, 12th, 2011 two police officers. Accused on this business – brothers Artem and Ruslan Vokiny .     we Will remind, Irkutsk policemen Vladimir Kolesnika and Evgenie Kuatkalieva have rigidly shot early in the morning on April, 12th, 2011. The crew of department of private security patrolled streets around the airport when has started to pursue white « the Zhiguli » in which as it was found out later, brothers of Ruslan and Artem Vokiny went. When reckless drivers managed to be blocked, OVO - shniki have approached to their car. Infringers have opened shooting on policemen. Having killed a two and having wounded the third, brothers have stolen their government-issue weapon and have disappeared from a scene of crime. Details > >    

- During a consequence it is spent more than 40 labour-consuming judicial examinations, - the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Irkutsk region Alexander Semenov informs. – Now   criminal case on in Irkutsk is directed execution of policemen in   regional court for consideration in essence.

the Crime of brothers of Vokinyh has shaken Irkutsk. On its disclosing the best forces of police have been thrown. Marksmen were detained later by two weeks in 300 kilometres from Omsk. For a daring crime brothers of Vokinym are threatened with a life imprisonment under item 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation – attempt at life of law enforcement officers. It was during the investigation found out that brothers prepared some loud acts of terrorism in Irkutsk. And victims OVO - shniki have prevented them to carry out the conceived. Investigation of murder of Irkutsk policemen still proceeds. Details > >

During the investigation Artem Vokin, being in a pre-trial detention centre, has had time to make one more murder.         it killed the cellmate sharpening – on a body of the victim experts - criminalists have fixed koloto - rezanye stomach wounds.

- Both prisoners were threatened with the big terms of punishment, - have told in a press - service GUFSIN of Russia across the Irkutsk region. – to the victim – 14 years of imprisonment, and to the second – lifelong punishment. Now upon murder criminal case is brought.

It is known that in the chamber were not only participants of this drama, but also other prisoners.

- the Conflict between prisoners has flashed suddenly, - has told a source close to the investigation. - in the chamber at the moment of quarrel there were 4 persons. The victim   has been detained for rape of the small sisters, business in the relation it it was investigated one and a half year. He in detail began to tell to cellmates about the crimes. During any moment Vokin has snatched on it and began to beat.

First the pedophile recognised the fault, then began to refuse. Nevertheless, business to court all - taki have finished. The tyrant have sentenced to 14 years of a colony of strictly mode. But he has decided to appeal against sentence. Therefore also was till now in a pre-trial detention centre. With such at convicts   usually conversation short - whatever was term, such long do not live.   a leah has killed him Artem Vokin or it was   he has incurred the general sentence of the cellmates, which execution   (more lifelong it all the same will not receive), now finds out a consequence.  

When in Irkutsk regional court case of brothers of Vokinyh while it is precisely not known will be considered.