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In Primorski Krai poachers will judge after two years after a crime

And all this history does not change just since then. Though poachers should respond before the law under criminal code article « Illegal hunting, with aggravating

circumstances – a group of persons, in territory OOPT ». The matter is that men in territory federal zakaznika « hunted; Leopard ».

But why - that is not enough of it for adjudgment. For almost two years business stopped twice, and renewed twice. The next consideration has begun in October of this year, but besides the further consideration have transferred for December, 26th.

- As illegal hunting concerns crimes of small weight, bringing to criminal liability term for the given crime makes two years.   and in January, 2012   expires two years since the moment   excitation of this criminal case. That is, expires term of attraction of poachers to a criminal liability, - not without the bases defenders of the nature worry.