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In Altay territory have denounced the telephone swindler

One of these days October district court of Barnaul   the sentence has pronounced to the prisoner whom, being in custody, by phone extorted money from older persons.

- the Prisoner typed at night casual phone numbers and   it was represented it was represented to elderly women by their relative – the grandson, the son-in-law, the son. Then   told that has brought down by the car of the person and   money that vozmestitit a damage, - have explained in Office of Public Prosecutor of Altay territory are urgently necessary. -   then   it changed a voice, and the police officer who spoke ostensibly talked to victims already it it is necessary for whom to transfer money.  

While   pensioners were in a state of shock, the prisoner, without devoting in a crime detail, asked the acquaintance to come ostensibly to its elderly relative and to take away money for transfer to it in a colony. The sums   turned out considerable – From 15 000 roubles to 197 000 roubles.  

As a result the court has made to the swindler nine years of a colony of a high security.