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Zabajkaltsev, breaking behaviour rules on ice, will fine

on December, 15th the state inspection on small size vessels of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Transbaikalian edge has spent the next spot-check on the rivers Chitas and Ingoda, informs a press - service of the Governor of Transbaikalian edge.

According to the senior state inspector GIMS the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Valery Korenev`s Transbaikalian edge, is especially dangerous to move on ice below dump from city treatment facilities around the Big Island. Therefore as water in this place does not freeze all the winter long. Journey on cars and even pass on this ice is dangerous on distance up to Antipihi.

Besides, even under stronger ice so-called failures &ndash are quite often formed; places where water leaves from - under an ice high layer, creating emptiness. In such places can fail both cars, and people. Without assistance to get out of them it is almost impossible.

Therefore the transbaikalian authorities have decided to toughen punishment for infringement of rules of behaviour on ice. Now infringers will fine on the large. The penalty sum will make from 500 to 2000 roubles.