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Policemen have found the child in the Barrow before parents have lost it

Patrolling city streets, employees of traffic police have noticed the child of years of five who walked absolutely alone. Inspectors of traffic police began to ask the child why nobody looks after it. The boy has told that it has left a kindergarten during walk, and to return back independently not could — here also walks now. And in the street, by the way, cold. It was necessary urgently where - that to define the child. Where there is its kindergarten or the house, he could not tell. Named itself a strange name of Radik. Inspectors have decided to bring the child to territorial department, and there further to decide that with it to do and where to search for parents.

Having got warm and having drunk tea, Radik has got to talking with ministers of an order. Has told about the big brother Vova who goes to school. On affinity with that place where have found the boy, just there was an educational institution. Have decided to search for the relative there. Also have calculated it! As informs a press - service UMVD of Russia across the Kurgan region, the brother, and then and mum of the kid have been very surprised that for them search, after all they abided in full confidence that Vladik (it has appeared that so on - to the present call the foundling) in a garden and about what were not stirred. Now they should understand with the teacher who has lost sight of the child and at all he has not missed after walk.