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The wife has forced the husband to go to Karachaevo-Circassia on robbery

the Defendant B. has told in court that has decided to commit a crime after quarrel with the spouse who was dissatisfied with how the husband provides a family. Cut to the quick, B., having taken a knife, has gone on a gain to Cherkessk to bookmaker office. There it has attacked the operator of office – the young girl – also has some times struck its knife. Having decided that has finished the victim, the criminal took from cash desk money – in total - that there has appeared 10 thousand roubles – also has run away.

the Operator has survived, it managed to creep out on street and to call to the aid.

B. fault recognised, but asserted that intention to kill at it was not. However the court qualified its actions as attempt at murder which the criminal has not managed to finish owing to circumstances, has informed a press - the secretary of VS Alibek Botashev. Except that B. Incriminated robbery, and as a result to it to a distance of 8 years of 6 months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a high security. After serving of this term it as early as will be limited one and a half year in freedom.