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In Ekaterinburg has begun bebi - boom

In administration of Ekaterinburg us have pleased with pleasant news: the capital of Ural Mountains - one of few cities of Russia where it is stable grows population . Us becomes any more only thanks to migration, but also at the expense of alignment of parities of birth rate - death rates.

- For ten months of current year in Ekaterinburg cz 15 thousand 101 kid . It on 274 is more, than for 10 months of last year, - have informed in Management of public health services of administration of Ekaterinburg.  

it would Seem, 274 additional for 10 months - it is not enough child. But it already progress!   officials are assured: it speaks about confidence of townspeople of tomorrow.

- In a city proceeds steady socially - economic growth which stimulates birth rate and increases life expectancy ekaterinburzhtsev. The Great influence on a positive demographic situation in a city renders and the developed system of public health services. New hospitals and polyclinics are put into operation, the new modern equipment is got, - have noted in the mayoralty.

we Hope that birth rate and further will grow in Ekaterinburg only.