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On New Year`s feasts in Voronezh and area have forbidden pyrotechnics

From now on - that is, with   on December, 20th - and   up to   on January, 15th the governmental order Voronezh   areas at us the special fire-prevention mode is entered. But if in the summer similar « the note » consists in an interdiction for fires in woods, now   - on fireworks.

- it is recommended to Heads of cities and villages to forbid pyrotechnics use on objects of the municipal property   - that is, at schools, in kindergartens and so on, - have explained in Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region .

in the Ministry of Emergency Measures remind: for infringement « a special fire-prevention mode » conventional penalties sharply increase.   private soldiers   citizens   can pay with two - four thousand roubles,   the penalty for officials – from 15 to 30 thousand, and for legal – From 400 thousand to a half-million.  

As to house festivals, for God`s sake, « clap » also light. Naturally, with mind. And on sellers of doubtful crackers dared « knock » to rescuers (phones on which it is possible to complain of sellers of illegal pyrotechnics, here ).