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In Bryansk the foreign car has brought down 10 - the summer child

In Fokinsky area of Bryansk the foreign car has brought down 10 - the summer girl who with two girl-friends stole a march in not put place. The child with a waist bruise have brought to children`s regional hospital, informs UGIBDD UMVD of Russia across the Bryansk region.  

- road accident has occurred on December, 19th at 16 o`clock 5 minutes on ul Unechsky,   - have told in UGIBDD. -   33 - the summer driver of a foreign car Fiat Albea seemingly, did not expect that three 10 - summer girls, suddenly leave on road though went not quickly. Children why - that have not used a pedestrian crossing which is near to a place of accident.  

All three girls, tell in UGIBDD, uchastsja in 4 class 51 - j schools. Now upon incident check which will show who is guilty in road accident is spent.

In Bryansk it any more the first road accident in which children have suffered. The terrible tragedy which has occurred on October, 7th on the prospectus Moscow is still fresh in memory of townspeople.   20 - summer voditelnitsa on « Folsvagene the Trade wind » has brought down on a noncontrollable pedestrian crossing the woman with the child. From   received   traumas 3 - summer Sleepyhead Sivakova has died on the spot, and her mother, 29 - summer Anna,   in a grave condition has got to hospital. Criminal case investigation conducted investigatory management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across the Bryansk region, it has got to the category especially important.   Dobrzhansky definitive accusation under article « has been brought; Infringement of traffic regulations and operation of the vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person ». More in detail > > >

Later, on October, 18th, on Lenin`s prospectus around circus a Zhiguli Has driven on red light and has brought down 13 - the summer girl who was going to pass road on the green little man . More in detail > > >