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In Ryazan sugar and groats

the Next monitoring of the prices for the products, spent by Rjazanstatom becomes cheaper following the results of the last seven-day week, shows iridescent enough picture. Not that that rjazantsy can take pleasure in cheapness « a grocery basket » but the assortment of rising in price meal past week was considerably reduced, and rates of price race have a little decreased.

For example, sausage products, fish, tushenka, sunflower-seed oil, and even vegetables last week or have not added a milk in the price copecks, or potjazheleli is hardly noticeable. And, sunflower-seed oil and hens even have fallen in price (on 0,7 - 1,3 %).

(granulated sugar cost Continues to decrease to 0,6 %), rice, millet and grechki (last - on 4 % on Ryazan). And even a potato which in the beginning of December has jumped up already on 6 % (mostly, in the regional centre), last week « has grown thin » on 0,7 %.

the Reasons of price prosperity, like, lie on a surface - as - in any way in couple of weeks of fellow citizens New Year`s festivals lasting many days with plentiful meals and vozlijanijami expect. In struggle for the consumer, practically all large (and not so) trading networks in large quantities declared holiday discounts. The desire of buyers to save though rouble on New Year`s purchases brings to shops superbenefit, and at the same time positively affects a statistical picture of the regional consumer market.

- In December the monetary turn of our shop increases on the average on 30 - 40 %, - the expert in marketing of one of large shopping centres of Ryazan Alexander Bekeshin speaks. - And it not a limit. Some days before new year the gain can increase and by 70 %. Thanks to holiday « zhoru » consumers from warehouses all goods with « leave; boundary » working life. Meanwhile, from the professional point of view   so-called « discounts » is a fiction at its finest.

For example, the action « buy two banks of a green peas or corn on 10 roubles is cheaper » uses unprecedented demand. And very few people notices that these goods cost on the twenty more expensively the same product which is near on a regiment. It turns out that on the spent money it was possible to get not two, but three - four similar goods at more modest and adequate price.

But features of the Russian soul are that what to save on a New Year`s table to our people it is considered indecent. As have shown polls, the average Russian in December will leave in shops of 17 thousand roubles that almost on 30 % more than, on the average, for a year. Thus, by calculations of experts, Muscovites will increase the expenses on 21 %, Petersburgers by 38 %, inhabitants of other regions - on 30 %. Women will leave in shops of 12 thousand roubles, men of 22 thousand roubles. Aged people 30 - -   are most of all ready to spend 40 years; on 18,5 thousand roubles. Young citizens will lay out from purses on 11,8 thousand roubles, people of the senior generation - on 17,9 thousand roubles. At the heart of these calculations the data from credit cards and the official statistics lies.