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Expansion of Oksky congress

About New year became the most significant event of leaving 2011 for nizhegorodtsev there were 11 days. It is a high time to sum up year leaving. The research centre of a portal Superjob. ru has interviewed among inhabitants of 13 Russian megacities and has found out, what events were the most significant in their cities in 2011.

in Nizhni Novgorod poll was spent in the beginning of December. And here its results.

24 % of townspeople have unequivocally responded that it 2011 was remembered by descent expansion on Oksky journey

the event Second for the importance for nizhegorodtsev there were elections in the State Duma - 10 % of voices of respondents.

the belt of the Holy Virgin Theotokos which brought in Bottom, has made impression upon 4 % of townsmen.


In Kazan the most significant event of year, unfortunately, has appeared tragical: Almost every sixth inhabitant of capital of Tatarstan (15 %) will remember 2011 as year of wreck of the steam-ship « Bulgarija ».

the Majority of Muscovites was considered as the most important by December elections in the State Duma and meetings after them, – so 40 % of the interrogated inhabitants of capital think.

for inhabitants of St.-Petersburg change of the governor and elections in the State Duma, &ndash became the most significant events of year; for these two events were voiced on 30 % of Petersburgers.

opening of the reconstructed quay became the focal point of year for inhabitants of Samara, – so consider 27 % of inhabitants of this city.